Tooth ache!

Tooth ache!

Tooth ache!

Having broken a filling in one of my back teeth, I had begun to have tooth ache, unable to eat anything hot or cold, and couldn’t chew on that side without considerable discomfort!

I called my dentist. Well at present to receive any dental care you must:

  1. Be in excruciating pain with no effective analgesia
  2. Be unable to sleep because of the pain

Because I was coherent and not screaming, I was advised to purchase a filling kit and fill it myself and try to get more pain relief from my GP or speak to a pharmacist.

I had just received my Health Advisor Kit from Weleda and quickly noticed the Ratanhia mouthwash. 

My husband uses one from the supermarket and he likes it but I find it leaves my mouth feeling like a layer of skin has been stripped off! 

So I carefully had a go with the Ratanhia one in my Weleda kit. I liked the fact I could dilute in warm water so I could cope with swishing around my mouth and I am amazed how much it has helped.  Sure, it hasn’t mended the broken filling but since I have been using in twice a day, I have no more tooth ache and if it does get irritated by biting on it too hard then within a couple of minutes of using the mouthwash, it calms down.

So I am a convert!

You can visit my Weleda shop by going to the link below:

Ratanhia Mouthwash

Ratanhia is gathered in the Andes in Peru where it is traditionally used to care for teeth and strengthen gums.

An invigorating blend of natural organic plant extracts that soothes and tones your gums whilst freshening your breath.

Made with Ratanhia, Myrrh and Horse Chestnut to tighten and tone the gums and prevent irritation, ease inflammation, redness and infection.

Natural essential oils of Sage, Eucalyptus and Peppermint to cleanse and freshen the breath.

Rinse mouth with 5-10 drops in a small glass of water.

Ideal for mouth ulcers, gingivitis or tender gums

The 50ml bottle is handy for travelling and is diluted for daily use.

Makes 5 litres of mouthwash £8.75