Dr Alison Merrick

Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD is a clinically developed massage which stimulates removal of excess fluid and waste products from the body.  As such MLD is used in many congestive and inflammatory conditions, oedemas and lymphoedema, and post-surgery recovery/healing.

MLD now sits comfortably in both the medical and the complementary medicine world and is an accepted part of rehabilitation units, physiotherapy departments and lymphoedema clinics.

MLD is regularly prescribed to improve healing and reduce the recovery time after surgery or severe injury. It helps to reduce swelling and bruising, accelerate the healing process and minimise scarring.  

MLD is the safest way to deeply detoxify tissues and is used in conjunction with dietary regimes for full body detoxification.

What to expect from your first MLD treatment

A treatment session begins with a detailed consultation, to ensure the therapy is appropriate and safe for you. Each treatment session generally lasts 1hr, and can be done in consultation with your medical practitioner, if required.

For your MLD treatment session you will be asked to remove some clothing depending on the part of the body being treated. Treatment is usually lying down on a treatment couch, with blankets and pillows for comfort and support. The massage uses light, repetitive and directional movements which are very gentle, relaxing and deceptively powerful.  


You may need to go to the toilet more often after a treatment, as the re-energised lymphatic system starts to recycle excess fluid and waste.  It is recommended that you come to a treatment well hydrated, and you may need to drink more water for the few hours following

An intensive course of treatment is recommended for post-surgery/injury recovery, schedules for other conditions will vary according to need.