Dr Alison Merrick

Memberships & Affiliations


British Lymphology Society

Lymphoedema Support Network

Bowen Therapy Professional Association

The Bowen Association UK

Dr Vodder Academy International

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd registered

My post graduate study and CPD:

Vodder study review MLD/CDT September 2017

NHS The Christie, Connective Tissue and its role in the management of Complaints after Breast Cancer Treatment February 2016

ANEID Medical Taping Concept Lymphatic Drainage Course November 2015

Fascia Bowen, November 2017

Bowens Seminars, The Importance of Symmetry Workshop, May 2017

The Art of Bowen, November 2016

The Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Workshop, Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, September 2015

Upper Torso and Neck, Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, October 2016

UK Diploma of Smart Bowen Remedial Therapy, completed May 2016