Dr Alison Merrick

About me

I have worked in full time private practice for 10 years, with many wonderful clients who I continue to learn from on a daily basis.

My first aim is always to help make people well, alleviating pain and freeing up movement and mobility. I work holistically assessing and treating the whole person and have many hundreds of clients who return to me if and when they need me!

I have many years of experience now in improving peoples lives reducing their pain and helping them to recovery after injury, falls and surgery.  Additionally, people find they sleep better, feel more relaxed and their general health and wellbeing is improved. 

Call or email me for a chat, I hope to speak with you soon.


My background and qualifications:

After a history of medical research developing immunotherapies for cancers, I qualified in Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy, with the Austrian Vodder Schule, the world leader in clinical lymphatic therapies.

I continue with my studies in the area of MLD/CDT with the Vodder Academy and have expanded my expertise qualifying in Deep Oscillation and ScarWork™ Therapy.

I trained in Bowen Technique with the College of Bowen Studies, The Bowen Association UK and completed a UK Diploma of Smart Bowen Remedial Therapy.  As a practitioner I am constantly expanding my post-graduate studies. Most of my Bowen experience includes working with back and joint pain, arthritis, and general soft tissue injury.

I have also worked as a specialist therapist with Cancer Support Yorkshire including giving many voluntary therapy and advisory sessions, and continue to support clients during their treatments and with ongoing lymphoedema, scar tissue problems and reconstructive surgery.

In addition, I work with clients enhancing and speeding up surgical recovery and healing from day one. I work in all areas of surgery including open heart, general, orthopaedic and cosmetic procedures, utilising MLD, Deep Oscillation and ScarWork .  I also work with old scar tissue/adhesions and cording, releasing deep tissue restrictions, and optimising functional movement.