Dr Alison Merrick

How I help

Daily clinics at Farfield House Clinic, Keighley and Saltaire Therapy, Saltaire

Please contact me if you think I might be able to help you. I am happy to discuss your case. I cannot work miracles, but often with a few treatments and a determination to change a few things, the results can be profound.

All pain must be properly diagnosed to ensure it is addressed correctly.   This may mean a referral to your GP for tests, X-rays, CT or MRI scans. It is important to rule out specific conditions, which require medical attention. Many painful conditions however, have no identifiable cause and may not be detected through diagnostic tests.

Lack of full movement or function, due to injury, illness or natural deterioration is often characterised with aches and pains. With no apparent cause(s), the pain and associated stiffness or immobility can add to the anxiety and stress of feeling unwell.  This in turn can increased the intensity of the symptoms.

With each person I try to find and address the underlying cause(s) affecting them.  Everyone of us has a unique physical, immunological and emotional history which will affect both symptoms and recovery.

I work with my clients to develop a schedule of treatment and self-help, putting control back into their hands to reduce and manage their pain and allowing them to function more effectively.