Breast Cancer Self-Care Series – Part 1

Breast Cancer Self-Care Series – Part 1

AWS, axillary web syndrome

I was recently reading an article about AWS (

Those of you who have heard of it have probably had breast cancer surgery yourself or someone close to you has. I have seen it after other surgeries too but it has mainly been documented medically after surgery to remove some lymph nodes from under the arm as a part of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The article seems to me to give a bit of a gloomy picture with relation to AWS and so do many GP’s and even oncologists.  But I have some good news for you.  MLD therapists including myself deal with this and many other issues related to breast cancer treatment on a daily basis.  And I can tell you that it is completely treatable!  So please don’t get down, just get in touch with your local MLD therapist (look on the national practitioner register on the MLDuk website for a properly qualified therapist) and they should be able to help you with this and many other questions around your self-care.

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